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The employees are the real assets of any company. And, as a responsible employer, you cannot negate it. The growth and expansion of your company are possible only when your employees are working honestly and diligently to boost the productivity of your company. But, the question that arises is: how can you ensure that they are performing their roles and responsibilities according to your expectations? Well, with the application of employee tracking software, you can maintain a constant vigil on their each and every move.

The activities that you can perform with the App

With its application, you can do the following activities to manage your employees:

Location tracking

Real time location tracking your employees

Task Management

Real time task assignment and monitoring


I need to view their Attendance


Digitize your expense processing

Order Booking

Upload product list Create sales invoice template

Chat module

Communicate with your field force


TeamKonnect provides range of industry specific features to manage your field service operations


Automatic Task Assignment

Assign tasks to staffs automatically based on defined rules



Assignment of tasks based of staffs geo location


Mobile Attendance

Manage your staffs attendance with selfie, timestamp & geo-location


Live location and tracking

Get live Location and track field staff in realtime


Route Optimization

Get optimized route to complete multiple field tasks


Distance traveled

Get daily total distance covered by your staffs


Request and Approvals

Manage leaves and expense claims and approvals


Staff Performance Indicator

Get staff performance trends based on specific parameter


Customer feedback

Get feedback from your customer on task completion


Customer Contact Management

Add and manage your customers contact and location details


Upload Documents & Photos

Take or attach photos and upload documents during task closure or initiation.


Reports & Analytics

Detailed reports and data analytics based on various functions


Team Chat

Simplifies team conversations and organizes team tasks more efficiently



Scope of customization based on specific requirements & branding options


Alerts & Notifications

SMS, email and in app notification for managers, staffs and customers


API Integration

Integrate with 3rd party application through Rest API

Looking for customized software ?

Get TeamKonnect tailored specifically to meet your business needs.

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Suitable Industries

If you are into field services, we have a solution to manage your job efficiently.

Sales & Marketing

  • Track real time location and meetings
  • Get geo-verified proof of client visit
  • Monitor productivity
  • Validate conveyance bills
  • Book orders on the go


  • Track real time location and task status
  • Assign tasks real time
  • Get geo-verified proof of work completed
  • Check for delays against SLA
  • Informed decision making with real
    time tools and data


  • Track real time attendance at site
  • See real time staffing strength at each of your sites
  • Replace biometric with automatic phone based solution
  • Know who is coming early or leaving late


  • Reduce labour leakage
  • See real time staffing strength at each of your sites
  • Replace biometric with automatic phone based solution
  • Know who is coming early or leaving late

Security services

  • Track real time location and work progress
  • Record and validate client visits
  • Validate conveyance bills
  • Verify location and presentability
    of security staff

Field Research

  • Track real time location and work progress
  • Record and validate site visits
  • Collect and aggregate data electronically

Real time Employee Location

View the last known location of all your employees.

Attendance tracking

Know when they are working.

Intelligent Daily Summary

View location and activity summaries along with mileage and meeting data.

Location History

Data is stored for 3 months.

Downloadable Reports

Reports in daily, weekly and monthly format available for download.

Charts and Report Analysis

Important metrics shown as bar graphs and detailed report analysis of employees in Daily, Weekly and Monthly format.

  • Application Feature
  • Accurate location tracking
  • Track while they are on duty or automatically based on schedule
  • Marking attendance
  • Mileage tracking
  • Create geo-tagged clients
  • Mark geo-verified meetings
  • Upload geo-tagged photos
  • Upload geo-tagged form data
  • Admin Panel Features
  • View real time location of your staff
  • View monthly attendance
  • View detailed movements and activity details on daily report
  • Download detailed daily / weekly / monthly excel reports
  • Create and view all the clients you have
  • Create multiple admins so that you can segregate data (region or function wise)
  • Define different types of geo fences
    1. Basic geofence: Get alerted when they enter or exit the geo fence
    2. Attendance geofence: Employees can only mark attendance from a particular area
    3. Time bound geofence: Define a time during which you expect to be in an area, get alerted if they enter late or leave early
  • Reliable and fool proof
  • Works without internet, automatically pushes data when you connect
  • Knows when people disable GPS or disable location permissions
  • IMEI validation to ensure person
  • Finger print and Facial recognition to ensure the right person is using the app
  • Low power and data consumption

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